The King of social media?

Stephen King Caricature. Used with permission. Mark Rain. Well I’ve devoted a lot of time already to writing about podcasting and I don’t want y’all to think I’m a one trick pony. So today I’m going to explore what a healthy online writer-reader relationship looks like. To do this I’ll focus on an author who … Continue reading The King of social media?

Am I too late to the podcast party?

After interviewing the amazing Cath Moore the other day, our conversation got me thinking more about the creative potential of podcasting. Although we chatted about this, due to time restraints this part of our convo didn’t make the final cut of Pod Chats, so I’ve decided to expand on it here. Cath pointed out several … Continue reading Am I too late to the podcast party?

Pod Chats – Episode 1 with Cath Moore

Listen now Podcast theme music - Coffee and Conversation - by Used with permission. Creative Commons license. Photo of Cath Moore. Used with permission. Taken by Olivia Peniston-Bird. Episode Transcript Lizz: Hello and welcome to episode one of Pod Chats, the podcast where we chat to industry professionals about all things creative … Continue reading Pod Chats – Episode 1 with Cath Moore