I’d like to say that I’ve published countless stories in literary magazines and been a guest host on RRR. But that would be lying. In reality, I have heaps of ideas and potential (I think) but I’m yet to make my dreams a reality. Instead here are my meager claims to fame…

  • I am working on a memoir podcast called When Mum’s Head Went based on the brain aneurysm my mum survived in 1983 and how the medical profession handled Acquired Brain Injury back then. I’ve written the first two episodes and an episode plan and pitch. I also plan to write a book expanding on the content in the podcast.
  • In my final year of completing a Master of Creative Writing, Publishing & Editing at The University of Melbourne.
  • Member of a peer creative writing group called Write Club. We have been meeting and workshopping since 2013. We had an article published in the Victorian Writer about working collaboratively.
  • I’ve completed two and a halfish drafts of a manuscript called Deanna’s Ticket. It’s an edgy urban drama set in Melbourne and Daylesford about a woman who escapes domestic violence with the help of a lottery ticket.
  • In 2013, I did a reading from Deanna’s Ticket at the Daylesford Words in Winter festival.
  • I’ve written a dystopian short story called 2045 about how Australia would look if women were in charge and the power went to our heads.
  • I’ve taken several writing courses at Writers Victoria with established authors such as Carrie Tiffany and Toni Jordan.
  • I’ve volunteered at the Melbourne Writers Festival (2011), the Emerging Writers Festival (2010-2011) and Writers at the Convent (2011).
  • I’ve written numerous blogs which I will not provide links to as they are embarrassing.